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You need a refreshing summer white shirt

Author:    Views:2646    Time:2013-07-11
White business man in white shirt is not only a favorite, it is one of many white-collar fashion wardrobe is one of the most common styles. In this hot hot days, crisp white shirt is indispensable.
However, many workers do not like MM drab white shirt plus pants mix, that this lack of variability and sexy. In fact, not all will wear white shirts very boring, as long as you pay attention to choose, mix, we can bring varied visual changes, both fresh and refreshing, very easy fashion.
Sleeveless white shirt will be a little more sexy and cool, but the arm is not very thin MM or cautious as good. With a high waist pants, waist fold design gives more refined feel, do not forget to put on your high heels, oh.
Relaxed style shirt, summer will be a lot of cool, relative to the plate is a traditional style is also more casually. With modified legs tight pencil pants, the image of urban chic OL moment they come to the fore.

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