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Shirt stylish simplicity with skills

Author:    Views:2175    Time:2013-07-11
Early autumn shirt outfit easily create a tall model figure, sections of the stylish simplicity Shirt, whether it is a solid color shirt or chiffon models can easily Dachu fashion range children. Brand 2012 new women sharing network Xiaobian shirt with tips!

Vertical striped shirt and long sections
Said horizontal stripe suit to wear thin, vertical stripes, then slightly sensual MM also can challenge! Vertical stripes will be significantly higher in the visual effects, it is recommended that tall MM wear will be more color Oh, which take the simple letters T-shirt and gray leggings, knee-high boots with boots female models were thin legs more slender, vertical striped shirt sleeves rolled up Dachu casual fashion range children.

White chiffon shirt
Modal Leggings a gray dress, things take a white chiffon shirt, belt at this time is extremely important matter, can enjoy the adjustable waist positions, in order to lengthen the legs proportion may wish to enhance the waist position.

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